Texas Medical Center

Houston Medical Center

People from all over the world choose to receive care from the best doctors in their field at the Texas Medical Center. Astounding breakthroughs, finding, and treatment happen at the 21 different hospitals as well as the eight different academic and research institutions in the area.

The Texas Medical Center is the largest life sciences destination in the world. Over 100k employees, over 60 institutions, and hundreds of volunteers and patient visits, nearly 200k people visit the Texas Medical Center everyday. In a one year period, the area sees over 7 million visitors.

Home to the famous M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, which is the No. 1 cancer hospital in the world.

Other major institutions include:

  • Texas Children’s Hospital, tied for the No. 3 children’s hospital in the nation
  • Baylor College of Medicine
  • Houston Methodist Hospital
  • St. Luke’s Health
  • Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center
  • The Texas Heart Institute and the University of Texas Health Sciences Center

US News and World Report conducted a survey on “America’s Best Hospitals”. The results ranked at least one Texas Medical Center institution in all 19 categories of care for adults and all 10 care categories in pediatrics. Pioneering medical discoveries and procedures in cardiac care and organ transplants, space medicine, spinal cord surgery and the decoding of the human DNA genome which is leading to a new era of personalized medicine all occurred in Houston.